Should they death penalty brought back into australia

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Should the death penalty be reintroduced in Australia?

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We had been patient, we had stood waiting for twenty minutes while the prisoner, seated, expressed wishes which we immediately granted. As someone in favour of mercy, I don’t think we should even for a second entertain the idea of bringing back the death penalty in Australia and the conversation needs to be about explaining why that is.

This does not mean that Australia will be unable to provide assistance in matters where there is a risk that the death penalty will be imposed, it simply means the Australia's assistance will always be conditional on a guarantee from the requesting country that they will not impose or carry out the death penalty.

Australia’s criminal justice system is largely fair, but that certainly can’t be said of many of the countries using the death penalty. We know that the death penalty is applied overwhelmingly to the working class, ethnic minorities and other marginalised groups.

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Should they death penalty brought back into australia
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