Should people be forced to retire

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9 Things People Who Retire Early Do

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How to Dismiss an Employee Who Will Not Retire

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Some people should be forced to retire. She should not be working, and does not have to work. She has a very nice retirement account that would do her well. People like this should not be working. It makes it harder on everyone else, and they actually serve no beneficial purpose to the work place.

The Air Force has decided to retire the A attack aircraft from its inventory. To people who follow defense, particularly old timers, this cynical move is hardly surprising.

Forced Retirement

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no, not at all, the govt. should make it so older people can afford to retire, a lot of older people want to retire but can't make it without working. Apr 25,  · One must never forget that doctors who retire at the last possible moment have a much reduced life expectancy by comparison with those who retire before they are actually forced to go.

Nov 23,  · It's been my experience that people in my field haven't even reached their prime until after Just takes too long to hone the skill set for anyone to be competent in less than years.

Too young to retire, too old to keep the job Should people be forced to retire
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