Nurse practitioners should be allowed to work without doctor supervision

VA Nurse Practitioner Ruling Expands NP Practice Authority for Veteran Care

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NP Practice Authority Grows - March 2017 Update

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Where Can Nurse Practitioners Work Without Physician Supervision?

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Nurse Practitioners Could Soon Prescribe Controlled Substances

Nationally, about 6 repeat of VA patients must write more than a month to see a touch. Jul 17,  · Doctors 'supervise,' but most nurse practitioners work independently operate without a doctor's direct supervision as long as they are part of a medical group.

allow nurse practitioners to. It's possible Nevada families won't see a doctor when they visit a clinic if a bill in the Legislature passes into law.

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Instead, a nurse practitioner may be running the show. The recent feud between doctors and nurse practitioners stems from legislature in a handful of U.S.

states, Each is currently considering a bill that would allow nurse practitioners to treat patients without the direct supervision of a physician. Thanks to a change in federal rules, however, by Februaryall 76 of Ballard-Herna ndez’s fellow nurse practitioners at the VA hospital will be credentialed to practice and treat patients, providing services typically performed by a primary care physician, without a supervising doctor.

Georgia Scope of Practice Policy: State Profile Under Georgia scope of practice law, dental hygienists must practice under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist and are prohibited from diagnosing dental conditions or prescribing medication.

A report by the Institute of Medicine recommended that nurses should be allowed to practice at the full scope of their training, and should achieve higher levels of education. Sincefive states have lifted restrictions on nurse practitioners, raising to 21 the number of states that have expanded nurse practitioners’ legal “scope.

Nurse practitioners should be allowed to work without doctor supervision
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VHA Support for Nurse Practitioners Draws Fire from Medical Leaders