Juvenile justice should 18 year olds be

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Juvenile Justice News

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GREENFIELD — The Northwestern District Attorney is working to reform juvenile court in Massachusetts by lobbying the State House to include year-olds in its system. In a letter sent Monday to. “I believe the age of majority for juveniles should include year-olds,” he said.

“The vast majority of high school seniors are 18 and rehabilitative services for them are better accessed through the juvenile justice.

Illinois, Connecticut Propose Bills to Raise the Age to 21

Raise the Age: State Should Try and Year-Olds as Juveniles, Not as Adults. Watertown Daily Times: Raise the age: State should try and year-olds as juveniles, not as adults.

January 13, A youthful lapse in judgment should not plague an individual forever. The Bureau of Justice Statistics says youths under 18 were 21 percent of those sexually assaulted in adult jails indespite being only 1 percent of jail inmates that year.

He described a “typical” juvenile killer “who committed a brutal thrill-killing just nine months shy of his 18 th birthday” and noted: “Seventeen-year-olds commit a significant number of. Advocates in Connecticut have their sights set on similar reforms; among other proposals, S.B.

18 would raise the age of juvenile court jurisdiction to 21, outlining a plan to bring, and year-olds into the youth system over the next four years.

Juvenile justice should 18 year olds be
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Advocates: Year-Olds Belong In Juvenile Justice System