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What happened with Catalonia’s vote for independence — and what’s next

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Ousted Catalan leader agrees to election, summoned to Madrid court

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Catalonia’s technology startups are optimistic for the future

Transcript of I BELIEVE THE CATALAN REGION SHOULD BECOME AN INDEPENDENT STATE. HAS CATALONIA EVER BEEN AN INDEPENDENT COUNTRY? BACKGROUND BUT, IS IT AS EASY BREAK UP WITH SPAIN? - There is a probability of being. The government believes that if and when Catalonia’s political forces can reach an agreement on the region’s relationship with Madrid, its people could then vote on such an accord via referendum.

Catalonia has enjoyed for 40 years one of the highest levels of self-rule of any region in Europe, with its own parliament, devolved healthcare and education systems and even its own police. Based upon my findings, I do not believe that Catalonia will be granted independence from the rest of Spain, although increasing pressure from Catalans will test this thesis over time.

Instead, many believe the Catalan police, firefighters, and other government workers will stand with the people’s vote and defy the Spanish central government. There are reports that Catalonia’s far-left Popular Unity Candidacy (CUP) party is calling for “massive civil disobedience” on Friday should the Spanish government attempt direct rule.

On September 20, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy flatly rejected a demand by Catalan President Artur Mas that Catalonia should be allowed to collect and spend its own taxes.

Will Catalonia Really Leave Spain And Become Independent? What You Need To Know I believe that catalonia should be
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