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Happisburgh case study

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Happisburgh is a historic village on the north-east coast of ecoleducorset-entrenous.comnced "Haze-bruh", and spelt 'Hapesburg' in the Domesday Book, the name means 'Haep's Town'. Despite much publicity about Happisburgh and coastal erosion, the village has an exciting long term future.

GCSE Geography SDME Happisburgh Essay SDME: Happisburgh Background Happisburgh is located 30km north east of Norwich, the soil consists mainly of relatively soft Jurassic-Cretaceous aged mudstone, limestone and sandstone, and as such is easily eroded; currently it is sitting on and even in the sea coast, with a population of people.

A PPT I have created for the review of Theme 1 - Coasts section of the OCR-B Geog GCSE syllabus. Home > Discussions > Geography > Is anyone else doing the OCR geography sustainable decision making paper on coastal management at Happisburgh on monday?

Is anyone else doing the OCR geography sustainable decision making paper on coastal management at Happisburgh on monday? Foldertitles. Your Name. SDME.

The tideishigh – whyisthere a need to protectsome of ourcoastline? June 13th (25% of GCSE Grade). Dec 01,  · Year 10, here are the powerpoints from the lesson to help with your Happisburgh essay.

Managing our coastlines

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Gcse geography sdme happisburgh
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