Drug testing should not be mandatory

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Drug Testing Q&A

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Should students be drug tested at school?

If an employee, athlete, or client has issues that impede their ability to function in society, then maybe a drug test can be warranted. Mar 06,  · Study findings in this area show mixed results, but researchers generally agree that student drug testing should not be a stand-alone strategy for reducing substance use in students and that school climate (the quality and character of school life) is an important factor for achieving success in drug prevention programs.

Public Schools Should Not Impose Mandatory Drug Testing on Students. as school attendance is mandatory and the authority of the state supersedes that of the schools, the Law cannot tolerate a.

The Future. In the future, drug testing may or may not be required for welfare recipients. Truly, it is up to the citizens, at large, to determine what they feel are the most important pros and cons of drug testing welfare recipients. Based on work place drug testing policies, Random Student Drug Testing (RSDT) programs require certain groups of students (e.g., those belonging to a sports team or club) to be drug tested at school.

Drug tests are usually in the form of a urinalysis, which detects marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, PCP and opioids. Drug testing does not test impairment. As a result, drug tests mainly identify drug users who may have used a drug on the weekend, as they might use alcohol, and who are not under the influence of a drug while at work or when tested.

Drug testing should not be mandatory
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